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“The Young Companion” and modern China

First published the same year Hugo Gernsback came out with his legendary science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, in 1926, The Young Companion《良友》catered to the tastes of young middle class people, but it was also a force for social change. This fascinating article (in Big5) talks about 《良友》the “natural breast movement” 「天乳運動」 among young women in the…

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Never heard of Planet Stories, active 1939-55. Apparently they got in trouble for the sexiness of this Leigh Brackett/Ray Bradbury story, “Lorelei of the Red Mist.”

Yosha Bunko

Yosha Bunko William Wetherall: Japanese pulp magazines 2017 preface “Reading this paper half a century later, I would grade it “C” on my overall scale, meaning “fair with quite a few serious problems”. Knowing what I think I know better today than I did then, I wax between cynically disputing every assertion I made in…

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