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中國女作家殘雪成諾獎熱門人選 作品被認為最接近魯迅 | 聯合新聞網:最懂你的新聞網站

中國女作家殘雪成諾獎熱門人選 作品被認為最接近魯迅 | 聯合新聞網:最懂你的新聞網站 2019-10-07 14:49 世界日報 / 北京7日電                                     諾貝爾文學獎將於10日頒獎,中國女作家殘雪被視為熱門人選。殘雪在美國、日本文學界備受重視,被認為是「20世紀中葉以來中國文學最具創造性的作家之一」。有人說,殘雪是目前為止中國最接近魯迅的一個作家。

“Bleak reality confronts the Chinese dream in Yan Lianke’s gruesome, gripping novel, The Day the Sun Died” – SCMP review (Aug 1 2018) “The comparison between ancient and modern China is a little too close for comfort, and perhaps explains why the novel has not been published (yet) on the mainland despite winning the Red…

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The New and the Old – China Channel

The New and the Old – China Channel A tale of crime and punishment from Shen Congwen – translated by Jeffrey Kinkley During a year in the reign of the Guangxu Emperor, 1875– 1908…. Horses were being raced in this little county town, across parade grounds drenched by the sun in shimmering yellow. Meanwhile men…

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Yan Lianke’s Forbidden Satires of China Cool story with 43min audio