“The Young Companion” and modern China

First published the same year Hugo Gernsback came out with his legendary science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, in 1926, The Young Companion《良友》catered to the tastes of young middle class people, but it was also a force for social change. This fascinating article (in Big5) talks about 《良友》the “natural breast movement” 「天乳運動」 among young women in the 1920s-30s, and this sohu article (GB) discusses the fashion sense displayed in the pages of the magazine. In this pic you can see that the bobbed, flapper hairstyle we associate with the West was popular in China of the 20s also. The Young Companion is often thought of as product of Shanghai’s hybrid culture, but this article talks about its founding by a Guangdong native, Wu Lian-de (伍聯德).





1. 鸡尾酒 The Cocktail Song 2. 假正经 Pretender
3. 奇异的爱情 Magic Love
4. 我要你的爱 I Want Your Love
5. 给我一个吻 Give Me A Kiss
6. 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 Rose Rose I Love You
7. 情人的眼泪 Lover’s Tears
8. 二如果没有你 Without You
9. 月圆花好 Blossoms Under The Full Moon
10. 今宵多珍重 The Precious Night
11. 水远的微笑 Eternal Smile