“Competitive Wokeness” and Taylor Swift

Didn’t quite get it when I saw this Onion tweet:

But a conservative from the The Atlantic clarifies that “Taylor Swift Succumbs to Competitive Wokeness” (Oct 11, 2018). There he explains:

“I get the sense that the most aggressively “woke” young people are precisely those who find themselves in the most fiercely competitive environments. Status and prestige matter to everyone, of course, but they matter to some more than others. Most of all, they matter to those who find themselves in precarious industries where one’s reputation counts for a great deal and, just as important, to lonely, unattached people who long to feel valued and desired. Delayed marriage and child-rearing ensure that many more young people spend many more years in the mating market and, by extension, orienting their lives around fulfilling their own social and sexual appetites over the care and feeding of children. This is especially true among children of the culturally powerful upper middle class, who’ve been trained to fear downward mobility in a stratified society as much as our primitive ancestors feared being devoured by toothy predators. The result is what you might call a culture of “competitive wokeness.”

Basically: “liberal elites” are convincing young people that they need to be loonie lefties and this is generating a ‘competitive wokeness’ that makes celebrities want to show off how socially progressive they are….Hmm, right. The Onion said it more persuasively with one headline, but it did so in a way that proves the Atlantic guy is wrong: so-called liberals are sensitive to pseduo-wokeness too. “Competitive wokeness” is a rightwing red herring.