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Japanese kaidan (links)

– “The Emergence of Kaidan shu: the Collection of Tales of the Strange and Mysterious During the Edo Period” – “The Appeal of ‘Kaidan’, Tales of the Strange” (jstor login) – “What are Kaidan?” – “Hyakomonogatari Kaidankai ~” (Japan Times article about the above author) – “Why so Sad Sadako?” (Female vengeance ghosts in Japanese…

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Hikikomori Blues

Finished re-watching the Japanese anime series, Welcome to the N.H.K (歡迎加入NHK!). Eccentric, charming characters, and an interesting storyline, the show follows the (mis)adventures of a young NEET, Sato Tatsuhiro, as he tries to cope with an life of no friends, no job, no girlfriend, and no prospects for the future. Living alone in a tiny…

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Tokyo Family (2013)

– review of the film Tokyo Family (2013) Tokyo Family (東京家族) is without a doubt one of the best Japanese movies I’ve seen in the last few months. The film is director Yamada Yoji’s (山田洋次) re-telling of and tribute to an earlier world cinema masterpiece, Yasujirō Ozu’s (小津安二郎) 1953 classic Tokyo Story (東京物語). Like it’s…

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