Oobmab and other Weirdnesses

So I found a clean version of Oobmab’s “The Flock of Ba-hui” in (GB) Chinese (「巴虺的牧群」2013). The source is a very interesting Fantasy dojinshi and translation discussion forum called “The Ring of Wonder” (which looks completely different in its mobile format btw). There are many other works of HPL-inspired horror available on their Cthulhu board and, interestingly, the “Cthulhu” board is only one of three subforums of “the  Mirror of Obscurity – 幽暗之镜” category–which also includes subforums “Surreal Lullaby: General Subcultures 异夜咏谣” and “SCP Foundation.” A lot of translations from “CopyPasta” and things like Charles Stross’s Lovecraft-inspired SF “The Laundry Files.” Cha has a detailed review of “Flock,” and this site has a brief one.

A Smorgasbord of Chinese E-books (Haodoo.net)

In various formats, via Hao Du (好讀):

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Selected Stories, Lu Hsun (1918-1926)



  1. [Note from dust jacket]
  2. Preface to “Call to Arms” [1922]
  3. A Madman’s Diary
  4. Kung I-chi
  5. Medicine
  6. Tomorrow
  7. An Incident
  8. Storm in a Teacup
  9. My Old Home
  10. The True Story of Ah Q
  11. Village Opera
  12. The New Year’s Sacrifice
  13. In the Wine Shop
  14. A Happy Family
  15. Soap
  16. The Misanthrope
  17. Regret for the Past
  18. The Divorce
  19. The Flight to the Moon
  20. Forging the Sword

Selected Stories, Lu Hsun (1918-1926)