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Monkeys of Mayhem

In March we saw a big brawl between two rival gangs of monkeys in Lop Buri, Thailand, and then their  final take over of the town. Then, in June, came a life sentence for Kalua, the alcoholic Indian monkey who terrorized  over 250 pedestrians and will be spending the rest of his days in solitary…

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Let us Militantly Loiter on the fringe of nowhere

Hanging around, not doing anything except, like a droog, hanging around. Strange how what is still the most threatening thing imaginable for urban governments is just people loitering, occupying, striking, or just hanging around aimlessly on the streets. An essay along these lines by Susan Buck-Morss, a brilliant scholar of the writings of Frankfurt School…

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Hikikomori Blues

Finished re-watching the Japanese anime series, Welcome to the N.H.K (歡迎加入NHK!). Eccentric, charming characters, and an interesting storyline, the show follows the (mis)adventures of a young NEET, Sato Tatsuhiro, as he tries to cope with an life of no friends, no job, no girlfriend, and no prospects for the future. Living alone in a tiny…

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Tokyo Family (2013)

– review of the film Tokyo Family (2013) Tokyo Family (東京家族) is without a doubt one of the best Japanese movies I’ve seen in the last few months. The film is director Yamada Yoji’s (山田洋次) re-telling of and tribute to an earlier world cinema masterpiece, Yasujirō Ozu’s (小津安二郎) 1953 classic Tokyo Story (東京物語). Like it’s…

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Ssu-ma Kuang

髙梧谷口險阻之要宜先守之而奪其水彼既窮渇可 以坐制如以為逺伊吾闗亦可拒也度此二阨雖有子 房之䇿無所施矣熈弗聽美水令犍為張統謂熙曰今 闗中大亂京師存亡不可知吕光之來其志難測將軍 何以拒之熙曰憂之未知所出統曰光智略過人今擁 思歸之士乘戰勝之氣其鋒未易當也將軍世受大恩 忠誠夙著立勲王室宜在今日行唐公洛上之從弟勇 冠一時為將軍計莫若奉為盟主以收衆望推忠義以 帥羣豪則光雖至不敢有異心也資其精鋭東兼毛興 連王統楊璧合四州之衆掃𠒋逆寧王室此桓文之舉 也熈又弗聽殺洛于西海光聞楊翰之謀懼不敢進在 –司馬光, <資治通鑑>