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“The Young Companion” and modern China

First published the same year Hugo Gernsback came out with his legendary science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, in 1926, The Young Companion《良友》catered to the tastes of young middle class people, but it was also a force for social change. This fascinating article (in Big5) talks about 《良友》the “natural breast movement” 「天乳運動」 among young women in the…

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Japanese kaidan (links)

– “The Emergence of Kaidan shu: the Collection of Tales of the Strange and Mysterious During the Edo Period” – “The Appeal of ‘Kaidan’, Tales of the Strange” (jstor login) – “What are Kaidan?” – “Hyakomonogatari Kaidankai ~” (Japan Times article about the above author) – “Why so Sad Sadako?” (Female vengeance ghosts in Japanese…

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Chen Qiufan Links / 网路上的陈楸帆 (ongoing)

Just some Chen links that are worth noting: Gary K Wolfe reviews The Waste Tide for Locus Magazine “Staying sensitive in the crowd” (Ken Liu interview) “何平访谈陈楸帆 :它是面向未来的一种文学” (He Ping interview) “陈楸帆:科幻是最大的现实主义” (commentary w/Hu Yong interview) His non-fiction works to 2013 (from old blog) Magazine of SF and Fantasy: “Chen Qiufan on ‘The Year of…

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Chen Qiufan: “Science Fiction is the Height of Realism”

Holy cows, in this interview  the author exactly affirms what I claim in my paper…Excerpt: “陈楸帆:科幻是最大的现实主义” 2015-09-10 鈦媒體 陳楸帆屬於前者,他在自我剖析時說:「雖然我創作資歷尚淺,但是通過有意識的回顧,在自覺與不自覺間,我發現在創作里確實貫穿著這樣的一個母題/主題/意象:異化。」他所稱的異化包括了生物上的變形、疾病或變異;心理學上的疏離扭曲、分裂;社會體系/人際結構上的隔離、對立、變遷。比較鮮明的作品包括:《墳》(2004)、《麗江的魚兒們》(2006)、《深瞳》(2006)、《遞歸之人》(2007)、《第七願望》(2007)、《雙擊》(2009)、《鼠年》(2009)、《喪屍》(2009)、《開竅》(2011)等。這些都是通過技術變革作為其誘因或結果出現,屬於比較明顯的「異化」母題。 「事實上這也是我對科幻小說這個文類鍾情的原因,可以從一個極端真實的語境出發,通過可理解的/邏輯自洽的條件外延及思想實驗,將文本中的情節/人物推向一個極端超現實的境地,從而帶來一種驚異感及陌生化效果。」在陳楸帆看來,當代(或近未來)中國這個大背景下,本身就是一片異化的最佳試驗田,即使遭遇發表坎坷,他也執著地堅持思考、體驗、和書寫中國科幻故事的緣由。 Another interview with Chen: “何平访谈陈楸帆 :它是面向未来的一种文学”

Hikikomori Blues

Finished re-watching the Japanese anime series, Welcome to the N.H.K (歡迎加入NHK!). Eccentric, charming characters, and an interesting storyline, the show follows the (mis)adventures of a young NEET, Sato Tatsuhiro, as he tries to cope with an life of no friends, no job, no girlfriend, and no prospects for the future. Living alone in a tiny…

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