Day: February 12, 2020


第一次美学大讨论结集《美学问题讨论集》总目 文艺报编辑部编,作家出版社,1957年5月 1、朱光潜:”我的文艺思想的反动性”  2、贺麟:”朱光潜文艺思想的哲学根源”   3、黄药眠:”论食利者的美学”   4、曹景元:”美感与美”   5、敏泽:”朱光潜反动美学思想的源与流”   6、王子野:”战斗的艺术” 

krjpalmer: MacUser June 1988 Large hard disks (although not as large as on the cover) were examined in this issue, along with means for backing up their hundred-plus megabytes of data and an examination of the slow-dawning age of more capacious yet but unalterable CD-ROMs. One column daydreamed about “the appliance Macintosh,” which would storm into…

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