Month: December 2019

CLCWeb Call for Papers: A Return to the Bad Old Times To understand the forces that shape the present, the old adage that capitalism is a constantly revolutionizing force still holds true. Indeed, one of the most arresting results of this process is the ways in which the new sometimes unexpectedly manifests itself as a…

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jmrphy: “If you think The Internet is terrible now, just wait a while.” — The Decade the Internet Lost Its Joy

r/dataisbeautiful – Relative orbital velocities – planet motions, rotations and tilts to scale. Happy New Year (whichever planet you’re on)

sixpenceee: Echoes is another short horror/thriller film I’d recommend. It is well done and very creative. It gave me the chills. It’s about a woman who begins to see odd things concerning herself throughout the day.  You can watch it here Here are other short horror films, I’ve recommended in the past that tumblr users…

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