Changsha ACCL 2019

Probably write this up at some point but until then these are my notes:

    • Changsha airport late night arrival again; bus to city center, then taxi to:
    • Staggering number of hotels (brothels?) along road
    • 楓林賓館 hotel w/lobby full of cheap cigarette smoke odor
    • 1st day conference mildly interesting*heard a panel on senses/affect in Chinese lit.
    • 2nd day me/sci-fi people…great!
      *smog/霾 of life; smog smothers; alienates
      *Xia Jia: sci-fi and community probs…should have talked to her 🙁
    • 3rd day sickness, only attends keynote; wanders streets like zombie
    • (Orange phlegm..inflamed mucus membs – my soar throat/cold is pollution allergy?)
    • it occurs to me: poison air, but no face masks! (unlike .tw/Beijing)
    • few chain or convenience stores..funny knockoff brands
    • No noticeable foreigner anxiety/老外恐懼症 toward me (unlike .tw)
    • Far fewer foreigners in this city, almost none
    • construction happening everywhere…
    • old guys driving deadly silent scooter-taxis BEEP!
    • Strange, semi-abandoned low-rent shopping malls
    • old neighborhoods remind of E Berlin
    • fewer tattoos..piercings…not as colorful
    • women in long summer dresses
    • women in feathery flats and bright 口紅
    • smart, sensitive women…with opinions
    • Xia Jia’s funny ”young Chinese girl” tattoo anecdote
    • 公安 guys filming student clubs in park
    • beautiful girl gamer on subway playing
    • old man writing sutra in water on sidewalk
    • so many kangaroo scooter delivery guys
    • asked by a girl to buy some pens
    • next day a boy asks “is there a Chinese bank nearby?” in perfect English
    • Starbucks guilt ..their prices relative to local salaries
    • Am I a cosmopolitan or nomadic subject? Expat or immigrant?
    • 誰最代表中國人? Old socialist/young consumer?…How can nationalism survive this?

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