Month: August 2019

Your Emperor was answerable to Heaven,– here must we answer to the Market, day upon day unending, for ‘tis the inscrutable Power we serve, an invisible-Handed god without Mercy. Mason & Dixon – Thomas Pynchon (via dianebluegreen)

Bodiless, we swerve into Chrome’s castles of ice. And we’re fast, fast. It feels like we’re surfing the crest of the invading program, hanging ten above the seething glitch systems as they mutate. We’re sentient patches of oil swept along down corridors of shadow. William Gibson, Burning Chrome (via diamondregime )

Chinese SF authors and the Anti-Spiritual Pollution Campaign (ASPC)

Both Ye Yonglie (葉永烈) and Zheng Wenguang (鄭文光) were “struggled” during the ASPC of the 1980s. Zheng was a Vietnamese astronomer and emigre SF author of “Pacific Ocean Man” 《太平洋人》 and Mirror Image of the Earth 《地球的鏡像》– the latter of which is about aliens who have developed an interest in the Cultural Revolution. Meanwhile Ye was…

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This is the kind of horseshit poll they use to brainwash ppl into believing in so-called “free trade”…like: “Would you agree with the statement that bad = good, good, good?”