Mail2000 or Joe Gmail?

Ever since I came back to Taiwan (ca. 2004) all the universities I’ve worked at use the same terrible, shitty webmail software called Mail2000. The thing is a monstrosity, impossible to configure with Thunderbird or iOS or any one of the gazillion email client apps I’ve tried to use with it. It’s 100% “web mail,” meaning you really have to open a web browser, go to an ugly webpage and sign in, ca. 2006 style–i.e., a pain in the ass:

This is also annoying to me because, as academics in the US, we’re made to believe our mail is a matter of pride, a flag of allegiance. To be without one was to be just another internet consumer with exploitable metadata spewing toxic packets of info across the nets. In other words, you’re Joe Gmail, the doormat the NSA wipes its feet on.

Anyway, in addition to its total lack of integration with email clients, Mail2000 has “disappeared” numerous emails highly important to my professional career; it is regularly down for maintenance (email!); its system for filtering spam is the worst I’ve ever seen (and it’s insecure); it has the shoddiest, ugliest interface imaginable; and despite the screenshot’s claims it is not compatible with iOS. Sigh. Not much I can do about it other than getting a paid for email account that probably isn’t as good as Gmail.

End of rant.

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