Asian “sexploitation” Cinema and Vengeance…

Discussing with my No. 1 the merits of various Asian “sexploitation” movies I’ve seen and came to the issue of what qualifies as “sexploitation” in the first place. Let me begin with the overview I had in mind as “sexploitation”: those Pinky violence films like Female Prisoner 701 (1972) in Japan, those Hong Kong movies like Naked Killer (1992) or Sex and Zen (1991), and to some extent the Korean new wave classic Lady Vengeance (2005). Save that they don’t challenge racial as well as gender boundaries, most of these movies would be roughly analogous to Pam Grier movies like Black Mama, White Mama (1973) and Foxy Brown (1974). What seems to be common to most of these films are strong female characters who, like Beatrice in Kill Bill (2003), seeks revenge for the pain and injustice the patriarchy has visited on them. So aren’t these basically celluloid Revenge Tragedies on postmodern themes?

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