Paranoid Traffic Anxiety Disorder

Around the time I graduated and came back here I’d find myself walking down the road imagining motoring accidents of all kinds: a steel truck door will
suddenly come open as I’m walking along, smashing my head to bits; a motor-scooterist will suddenly see me, a foreigner, and crash himself into an oncoming car (this actually happened once);
an aged bicyclist will recklessly brave that red light and cause a four
car pile-up with blood and bodies everywhere. Stuff (or people) falling on me from high-rise apartment buildings. Things like that happen
every day in cities all over Asia and I’ve seen quite a few IRL, but why do I unconsciously drift off into this type of imagery even while out “walking for relaxation”? Does the neurotic repetition of the imaginary images mean I obsess on the nearness of death? Or does it just mean my brain hasn’t gotten used to the sensory overload that comes from living in big cities like this one? It’s not a huge problem, but it makes it difficult to de-tensify myself when I go out for a breath of fresh air…Hah, as if.

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