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Chinese sf stories from Clarkesworld: 2014-15

Xia Jia “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler,” trans. Ken Liu (Nov 2015). Liu Cixin “Another Word: Chinese SF and Chinese Reality,” trans. Ken Liu (Nov 2015) Han Song “Security Check,” trans. Ken Liu (Aug 2015) Chen Qiufan “Coming of the Light,” trans. Ken Liu (Mar 2015) Zhang Ran “Ether,” trans. several (Jan 2015)…

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“Competitive Wokeness” and Taylor Swift

Didn’t quite get it when I saw this Onion tweet: But a conservative from the The Atlantic clarifies that “Taylor Swift Succumbs to Competitive Wokeness” (Oct 11, 2018). There he explains: “I get the sense that the most aggressively “woke” young people are precisely those who find themselves in the most fiercely competitive environments. Status…

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A Smorgasbord of Chinese E-books (

In various formats, via Hao Du (好讀): 魯迅【吶喊】 魯迅《彷徨》 沈從文【邊城】 老舍《駱駝祥子》 張愛玲【傳奇】 錢鍾書【圍城】 茅盾《子夜》 白先勇【台北人】 巴金【家】 巴金《寒夜》 蕭紅【呼蘭河傳】 劉鶚【老殘遊記】 李伯元《官場現形記》 路翎《財主底兒女們》 陳映真【將軍族】 郁達夫【沉淪】 李劼人【死水微瀾】 莫言【紅高粱】 趙樹理【小二黑結婚】 阿城【棋王】 王文興【家變】 韓少功【馬橋詞典】 吳濁流【亞細亞的孤兒】 張愛玲【半生緣】 老舍《四世同堂》 高陽【胡雪巖】 張恨水《啼笑因緣》 黃春明【兒子的大玩偶】 丁玲【莎菲女士的日記】

Crowds and Don DeLillo’s Mao II

Excerpt from an interesting 1993 lecture by Tom Leclair on Mao II “The real secret, though, belongs to crowds. Bodies gather together to become one powerful body reciting one powerful idea that will let them forget their uncertainty and their individual bodies. Millions of Maoists create a revolution. Thousands of Moonies chant the end of…

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