Day: March 8, 2020

slsblog: She’s a journalist. Happy International Women’s Day! Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane, #121, 1972 If only journalists really thought this way today 

“Research has shown that we view people as less than fully human when they fail to conform to societal conventions. For example, people with soiled clothes do not conform to societal conventions surrounding hygiene, and they tend to be treated as less than completely human.” -Scientific American

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These people are remarkably petty: they care more about Warren’s bruised ego than the progressive agenda itself.

Lovecraft’s Otherworldly Xenophobia – Areo

Lovecraft’s Otherworldly Xenophobia – Areo Other qualities further entangle Lovecraft’s horror fiction with his personal ethnocentrism. As well as fear, Lovecraft’s creatures vividly evoke disgust and the threat of disease—they are “oozing,” “gangrenous,” “gelatinous,” “putrid” and trickling with “foetid greenish-yellow ichor.” Lovecraft was acutely sensitive to his own health, complaining throughout his life of various…

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