My tantric “awakening” turned me off sex

hrmm, yep, looks like a Salon article…

For nearly two decades, my social, sexual and philosophical life
revolved around the subculture known as S/M, BDSM or leather. I spent
every weekend and many weeknights at dungeon parties and S/M discussion
groups. I traveled around the country monthly, teaching workshops like
“How to Take More Pain … and Get More Pleasure From It” and “Warm
Cheeks, Warm Heart.” I wrote and published books about it. I relied on
its unique jolt of arousal, endorphins and adrenaline to get me through
bad moods, PMS, creative blocks and anything else that was bringing me
down. It was a heady era that fed my ego and libido abundantly and my
pocketbook at least adequately.

ended. Not with a whimper — the gradual tailing-off that many S/M folks
experience as age and relationships take the edge off their desire —
but with a bang.


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